Countertop Refinishing

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Countertop Refinishing for Every Surface

Resurface your countertops and eliminate all signs of damage, including cracks, chips, and burns. Our talented team of restoration experts can provide repairs on a variety of surface types, from laminate and ceramic to tile backsplashes. We can also install new countertops. Get rid of your old laminate countertops and replace with new granite! Whatever your countertop needs, trust us to exceed your expectations!

kitchen after counter and cabinet restoration

Repair Damage and Keep the Countertops You Love

  • Repair a variety of damages instead of costly countertop replacements.
  • Completely revamp your counters with our selection of color change options.
  • Restore all surfaces, including ceramic, tile, and marble.
  • Install new countertops if needed. 
  • Onsite granite repair.

Before & After

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